Alandra Zuniga ~ Senior Story

My sixth-grade year was when I knew I wanted to attend Trinity High School. My aunt, Paulie Koroluk ’15, took me to many Trinity events. From basketball games, watching the play “Little Shop of Horrors,” to attending the Trinity Blazers Workout Workshop over the summer, I knew I wanted to be a Trinity Blazer just like her and her peers. Unfortunately, I moved out to California and attended the coed public schools. I moved back home and transferred into Trinity halfway through my sophomore year. It was a challenge at first; Trinity’s classes felt beyond rigorous. The girls were so educated and confident and that was something that my previous co-ed high school lacked. Trinity has taught me so much my three and a half years here, not just through education, but through friendships and athletics. I have made so many friends here that they have become sisters to me. During softball season we are not just a program we are a family. These young women have helped me find my voice and built up my confidence. Although it is a bittersweet time as my senior year comes to an end, knowing it is my last time walking these halls, my last time putting on my school and softball uniform; I am forever grateful for this experience. I have been blessed with an excellent education, amazing classmates, and teammates. Trinity has prepared me for college and the real world. Now I will be a college student-athlete, and I cannot thank my family, the staff, and the girls here at Trinity enough for all they have done. Trinity truly does empower young women to be leaders who embody knowledge, faith, and strength. 

Alandra Zuniga, Wilson Middle School, Exeter, California
Lincoln College, Lincoln, Illinois