Entrance Exam Registration

Trinity's Class of 2025 Entrance Exam

There is still time to #BeABlazer!

If you have not taken an Entrance Exam at a Catholic high school, call to schedule a private, make-up test at Trinity High School. 

Tests are administered by appointment.  Call 708.453.8343 for availability.

Questions? Contact Trinity's Admissions team at or call Mary Beth Lavezzorio at 708.453.8343.

Information for all testers

  • $25 exam fee - payable online.
  • Calculators are not allowed.
  • Limited accommodations for testers who provide an up-to-date copy of the IEP/504 Service Plan to the Director of Admissions in advance of testing day. Contact Mary Beth Lavezzorio with questions.
  • Trinity utilizes the STS High School Placement Test. The High School Placement Test has five sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math and Language (English).
  • Trinity requests 7th and 8th-grade transcripts to assist with acceptance and placement decisions.  Transcripts may be sent to
  • All testers will receive an email prior to the exam with detailed information and directions.

Information about In-Person and Virtual Testing

In-person tester information
  • Bring two #2 pencils.
  • Masks must be worn for entire exam.
  • Health screening provided by Trinity will be required by a parent/guardian prior to arriving at Trinity High School.
  • All students will have a temperature check.
  • Paying the exam fee online is requested to limit contact.
Virtual tester information
  • Pencil and blank scratch paper are the only supplies allowed.
  • Student and guardian must sign a Code of Conduct for virtual testing.
  • Students must have reliable internet access and the ability to have the exam browser open while on a concurrent zoom call (zoom may be through a cell phone or tablet, a computer is recommended for the exam).
  • Please note: Use of a Chromebook for testing will always require a second device for the zoom exam room.
Questions about in-person or virtual testing? Contact

All testers will receive an email prior to the exam with detailed information and directions.