Heartbreak Cafe

Heartbreak Cafe room view

Students sample chocolates by candlelight during the Heartbreak Cafe.

More than 26 students and faculty performed at Trinity Library’s seventh annual Heartbreak Cafe on Valentine’s Day.  This event is a joyous celebration of poetry, song and chocolate that attracted 75 members of the Trinity community during period 3.

Highlights included a music video from one of the Spanish classes, and a PowerPoint ‘love song’ between two dogs. 

Mrs. Absher and Mrs. Suchland sing of the love between their dogs in "Bella Notte."

Once again Mrs. Susie Bedell moderated the poetry fest.  Faculty presenters included Sra. Tamariz Irlanda, Mr. Sean Patrick Loesch, Mrs. Julia Buckley, Mrs. Kate Absher, and Mrs. Tara Suchland.  Seniors Julia Sloan and Aenea Luss each performed for the fourth straight year.