Trinity High School’s Bring Your Own Device 1:1 Computing Program

Trinity High School is entering its fourth year as a 1:1 and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Learning Program school.  In choosing BYOD, we sought to make it affordable for our families and not require them to purchase specific devices if their student already owned one.  However, we did need to set some parameters to ensure that the devices would connect with our network and be able to support the learning programs necessary to enhance instruction in the classroom.  As always, our aim is to ensure that students have the necessary tools needed to maximize their learning experience and work effectively within our educational and technological framework.

Trinity recommends a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage or more, as it integrates best with our network, as well as our Google Apps platform.  Other acceptable devices are any laptop computer running 8.1, Windows 10, or Apple OSX Maverick or newer.

Full requirements for the student devices are as follows:

  1. All devices should have batteries that are able to last through the duration of an 8-hour school day.
  2. Virus protection must be installed on student devices prior to school network access.  The student must know how to run a virus check.
  3. Full keyboards are required.
  4. Minimum screen size is 11.6 inches.
  5. iPads, Cell Phones and e-readers will not qualify as primary educational devices and will not be allowed in the classroom.
  6. As always, students will be subject to the Acceptable Use Policy which is detailed in our Student Handbook and Calendar.


Trinity assigns a Google Apps account to every registered student.  Thank you for your support of our efforts to keep Trinity High School in the forefront of technology-enhanced education.

Director of Technology
Zaya Khananu
Instructional Technology
Sue Tindall
Senior Technology Specialist
Dave Miller