Collegiate Block Schedule

Trinity’s superior academic program includes the latest teaching techniques, participation in community service projects, strong athletics, and an emphasis on spirituality. It sounds ambitious, but there’s time built-in to do it all.

As the first Catholic high school in the Archdiocese to implement Block Scheduling, Trinity students and teachers enjoy its many benefits. It provides a time and information management framework to meet the individual needs of students.

Sample Freshmen Schedule:

 Advantages of Trinity’s Block Scheduling

  • Provides college-style extended class periods with 4 classes per semester instead of 7 or 8. Students can earn a total of 32 credits! Other schools offer 24-28credits.
  • Creates more time to settle into material, for contact with instructors, to concentrate on homework and reading, and to process a lesson while learning new material
  • Encourages opportunities for hands-on learning
  • Enables greater flexibility with electives
  • Establishes a period within each school day to allow time for activities, meetings or tutoring
  • Reduces time lost moving from class to class
  • Enables students to earn 6.25 credits in science and 5.5 credits in math