2022-23 Book Information

All books can be purchased or rented on Follett’s website: starting July 12th. Follett is the approved site for buying Trinity books. For instructions on how to order textbooks click here. The sooner your order is placed, the better your chances of receiving USED books (although English department books must be purchased new). Please click here to order through the Follett Virtual Campus Bookstore. Please note the following: 
  • Check the "Purchase Note" for each title. An ISBN may be listed, but depending on the course, may not need to be purchased by the student.
  • If you purchase books from other online sources, please know that teacher editions of books or USED novels & workbooks that have been written in are never allowed for use in class. If unknowingly purchased, the student will be required to purchase a NEW book. 
  • Please remember to check the ISBN number, edition, and copyright date to make sure the correct book is being purchased, especially when choosing an ebook. Please note, that not all titles required for classes will be available in ebook format.   
For questions, contact Sheila McNair,