International Baccalaureate

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Why IB?



  • The IB Diploma Program is a globally recognized honors curriculum. Many colleges and universities award credit upon exam results.
  • The goal of the IB experience is to go beyond intellectual rigor and high academic standards and to enable students to become conscious of the shared humanity that binds all people while respecting the variety of cultures and attitudes that makes for the richness of life. Strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.
  • At Trinity, IB classes are offered in: English Language and World Literature, History of the Americas, Film Study, 20th Century Topics, French, Italian, or Spanish, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Art and Design, Information Technology in a Global Society, Psychology, and Dance.

If you want to challenge yourself academically and thrive in an all-girls environment…

  • If you want to balance academics and other activities…
  • If you are highly motivated…
  • If you want to stretch your mind… the IB program at Trinity is the place for you.

Statistically speaking…

  • Nationally, 80% of the students who try for the IB Diploma receive it. Trinity’s overall success rate is 93%. 

In 2013 and 2014, 100% of Trinity Full IB students earned the prestigious IB Diploma which requires testing in six subject areas and completion of the CAS (Community Action and Service) , TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and Extended Essay components.

For information, contact IB Coordinator: Rose Crnkovich , at 708.453.8392 or email her at