Promoting an in-depth study of language and literature, Trinity’s English Department offers a diverse four-year college-preparatory/IB curriculum. On the college-preparatory level, freshmen are introduced to literary techniques through the reading of several representative genres. The sophomore level concentrates on the growth of American literature while the junior year focuses on a survey of British literature with world literature studied during the senior year. Parallel to this approach, Trinity’s Pre-IB freshman and sophomore program places emphasis on analytical skills in reading and composition. The intensive IB junior and senior program examines great works of world literature over a thematically organized two-year period that culminates with formal testing of oral and written abilities. Throughout this four-year sequence, the study of literature is integrated with composition, research and vocabulary enrichment that directs our students to become:

  • sensitive readers
  • competent writers
  • persuasive speakers
  • independent thinkers
  • lifelong learners

Trinity requires 4 credits in English and .5 credits in Speech for graduation. The senior IB English course includes a mandatory review seminar.

Course Title
Grade Level
 English I 9  2 blocks / 1 credit
 Trinity’s Pre-IB English I 9  2 blocks / 1 credit
 English II-American Literature 10  2 blocks / 1 credit
 Trinity’s Pre-IB English II-American Literature 10  2 blocks / 1 credit
 English III-British Literature 11  2 blocks / 1 credit
English IV-World Literature 12  2 blocks / 1 credit
 IB English III & IV (2 years) 11 and 12  4 blocks / 2 credits
 IB English Seminar 12  1 block / .25 credit
Broadcast Journalism 9-12 WTHS Media Staff/.25
 Speech 10-11-12  1 block / .5 credit
Chicago:  Culture and History Through Literature 11-12 1 block/.5 credit
 Advanced Speech 11-12  1 block / .5 credit
 Advanced Composition 11  1 block / .5 credit
 Creative Writing 11-12  1 block / .5 credit
 Publication 9-10-11-12  1 year / .25 credit
 Journalism I 10-11-12  1 block / .5 credit
 Journalism II 10-11-12  1 block / .5 credit
 The African American Experience 11-12  1 block / .5 credit


In developing an appreciation for literature and language through required courses, the Department encourages students to join the publication staffs of The Blaze and Wyndword. In addition, speech and writing contests promote communication skills along with the Poetry Out Loud competition and Inksters creative writing group. Theatre outings are sponsored to take advantage of Chicago’s many fine dramatic productions.