Academic Clubs


Conference is a symposium of students from Trinity, Fenwick and Oak Park high schools who meet each month to plan the spring meeting at Dominican University. Meetings will be held at Trinity this year. The planning committee decides on topics, chooses speakers for each session, organizes materials for Conference, publicizes meetings, and invites Trinity students to attend.

Science Mentors

Science Mentors is an academic club at Trinity designed to foster excellence in science education. The primary service provided by mentors is peer tutoring. Girls in upper level science classes volunteer their time to help girls just beginning their science education at Trinity. Through these actions the science mentors exemplify the values of community and partnership in their service to Trinity High School.

Math Club

The Math Team is comprised of students from each grade level who are interested in learning and discussing properties of mathematics. At the team meetings students will develop critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies for both help in the classroom and as an extension of current curriculum. Members of the math club will participate in competitions throughout the year.

Math Mentors

The Math Mentors are students who service the school community in several ways. They tutor students who are struggling in their math courses during period 3 and sometimes before and/or after school. They help the grade school math contest run smoothly by assisting the teachers who administer the contest. Another main event they are involved in is the summer math camp. Participants in this camp are interested seventh and eighth graders. During the camp sessions, the math mentors help the students refresh their math skills, and lead other camp activities such as creating math board games, and heading teams on a mathematical scavenger hunt.

Moderator: Mrs. Judy Miller