2020 Summer School

Class of 2024 Summer Reading lists:

All Freshmen- Click Here

Class of 2023 Summer Reading lists:

CP Eng 2_ American Lit

TPIB Eng 2_ American Lit

Class of 2022 Summer Reading lists:

CP Eng 3_ British Lit

IB Eng 3_ World Lit-

Class of 2021 Summer Reading lists:

CP Eng 4_World Lit

IB Eng 4_ World Lit

Health & Public Speaking ~ Class of 2023, 2022, 2021

Trinity High School is hosting a remote summer school program for two credit bearing courses, Health and
Public Speaking. These courses are for rising sophomore, junior and senior students only.

Dates: Monday – Thursday June 8 – June 25

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Health or Public Speaking requirements – due to the class of 2024’s unfamiliarity with the Trinity High School elearning environment, these classes will not be offered to incoming freshmen. They will be able to take them another summer

International Baccalaureate Language ~ Class of 2023

A requirement of our IB Program is that students enrolled in TPIB French II and TPIB Spanish II must take a summer school course to prepare them for the rigor of the IB program in both languages.  Enclosed you will find the registration form for the courses.

IB Spanish and IB French
Dates: Monday – Thursday June 8 – June 25

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Class of 2024 Reading or Math Bridge

Class Dates: Monday – Thursday, July 27 to August 13
Class Times:

  • Reading: 7:45 – 10 am
  • Math: 10:15 am- 12:30 pm

These are required courses for some of our students…..  If you are required to take Math or Reading you would have received notification upon acceptance.