Maya Kolatorowicz ~ Senior Story

In 1952 my grandmother, Leona Hanley Schmitt, concluded four years at Trinity High School and received her diploma.  Sixty-six years later, her granddaughter is doing just the same. Even though my grandmother passed away long before I began my Trinity career, I know within my heart that she has walked with me along every step of the way.  I feel sincerely blessed to be connected with my grandmother through the sisterhood of Trinity, and I hope that I continue to be an empowered young woman ready to set the world on fire, just as she always was.

As Trinity became a part of my grandmother’s heart, Trinity has become a part of my heart as well.  I will hold in my heart all of my classmates who worked hard in class with me, laughed with me, and supported me.  I will hold in my heart all of my teachers who pushed me to do my very best, even though it was not always easy. I will hold in my heart the choir room and the many hours I spent there working to perfect a piece for the concert.  I will hold in my heart the spirit that flooded the hallways of Trinity not only during Spirit Week but every single day of the year.

As my senior year comes to a close, my heart is overflowing with the love, joy, and community that Trinity High School is.  It is with great pride that I will say, “I am a Trinity Blazer” when asked where I went to high school, and it is with great happiness that I will remember that I will always be a Trinity Blazer.  

Trinity has guided me.  Trinity has pushed me. Trinity has shaped me.  Trinity has loved me. And, as Tim McGraw sings, “a heart don’t forget something like that.”  

Maya Kolatorowicz, Divine Providence Grade School, Westchester
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin         

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