Savannah Martinez ~ Senior Stories

Unlike some people, I did not have a dream school. I knew exactly what I wanted to study, but I had no idea what school I wanted to go to. I felt lost for a long time, until my dad suggested applying to Boston University. After some research, I found out that BU has a human physiology major, which was something I had not seen at any other school I applied to. I finally had a sense of direction, and when I found out I got into Boston University, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I am definitely nervous because I have never really left home, but I am very excited to see what the city of Boston has to offer. My time at Trinity has prepared me for college better than I could have hoped. Through the IB program, I know I am ready to take on my college classes. In attending an all girls school, Trinity has empowered me and given me confidence that know I will take with me to Boston. I will definitely miss going to school with my friends, but I am confident that Trinity gave me the strength to handle whatever challenges come my way during college. Overall I know I am ready to find a new home at Boston University because Trinity allowed me to grow into a strong and independent woman. 

Savannah Martinez, St. William Grade School
Boston University

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