2017 Spring Spirit Week


Spring Spirit Week: Trinity Olympics

April 24th- April 28th, 2017

Weeklong Events

Penny Pitch: In the cafeteria to benefit Youth Ending Hunger 

Music over the PA during Passing Periods courtesy of the Mixed Music Masters



Monday, April 24th

◦  Out of Uniform: USA Day: Dress in your favorite Patriotic Wear

◦ 3A/3B Cafeteria Game ~ Name That TV Theme Song



Tuesday, April 25th  (Late Start Schedule)

◦  Out of Uniform: Summer Day: Dress in your favorite Catholic School appropriate summer outfit (no flip flops/sandals/backless shoes/swimwear)

◦ 3A/3B Small Gym Game: Inflatable obstacle course (last 10 mins of each lunch, 3A: Jr/Sr 3B: Fr/Soph)





Wednesday, April 26th (Special Schedule: Taste of Trinity)

◦  Out of Uniform: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!  Dress head to toe in pink!

◦ 3A/B Games: Oreo on the Eye; Flip the water bottle

 Presale: Taste Tickets!

◦ Taste of Trinity: 2pm-3pm Featuring Food and Fun booths sponsored by various clubs. Executive Council will sell tickets.  Location: SMGAF




Thursday, April 27th   (Special Schedule for Blazer Showcase)

◦ Out of Uniform: Rappers and Rockstars!  Come dressed in your favorite Hip Hop or rockstar outfit

◦ 3A/3B Cafeteria: Name that Beverage (blind taste test of a variety of soft drinks and juices)





Friday, April 28th (Special Schedule for Breakfast and Games)

Potluck Breakfast in the Parking Lot with Face Painting 7:20 am-8:20 am

Just Because Games: PM Assembly 

Potluck Breakfast in the Parking Lot with Face Painting 7:00 am-8:20 am (Please join us for a “nutritional monochromatic feast”)


Seniors: Blue

Juniors: Red

Sophomores: Green

Freshman: Orange

◦ 3A/3B Penny Pitch Frenzy: Students converge on the Penny Pitch buckets to outwit the competition

◦ Just Because Games and Closing Ceremony