Art Club

The Art Club is an organization that enables the expression of creativity outside of regular art classes. We are responsible for designing and painting all the sets for the two major Trinity Theatrical Productions each year. Last year, the members of the Art Club worked diligently to create the whimsical sets of Wizard of Oz and shall do the same this year for Honk! Not only are there benefits for members of the Art Club, for annually the members give back forms of their expression to the Trinity community. Outside the school walls, we plan to donate art materials and our time to those who may not have such at their disposal. Some of the various activities organized this year include workshops for dedicated members that deal with painting, sewing, and ceramics. Art Club is also notorious for its “Chairs for Charity”.

There are official meetings once a month with further rendezvous to finish projects. We look for commitment in our members who fail to miss meetings and are more than willing to use Art Club as an outlet for the sharing of originality and artistic expression.