Be a Blazer

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 Join us for these upcoming events and find out why it’s AWESOME to be a Blazer!

Did you miss the Entrance Exam at Trinity?  

If you have not yet taken the Entrance Exam at a Catholic High School, contact Mary Tansey at 708.453.9374 to schedule an individual make-up test.

If you tested at Trinity on Saturday, please review the information below:

Send Trinity your Information

To determine acceptance, Trinity looks at the whole student. Admission is not solely based on the entrance exam. We ask that students request their grade schools send us 7th and 8th-grade report cards and standardized test scores.

Receive your Acceptance Letters
Student’s acceptance letters are mailed on February 10th.

Attend the Class of 2021 Welcome Party
Meet your future classmates and join us for the Class of 2021 Welcome Party on February 23rd! Invitations will be sent with acceptance.

Schedule a registration appointment.
Class of 2021 registration appointments are March 1st and March 2nd. Families will meet with faculty members to discuss programs at Trinity and choose classes.

Questions, call Mary Tansey at 708.453.9374.

Shadow at Trinity!

Spend the day as a Trinity Blazer.  Call Ms. Tansey at 708.453.9374 to schedule your visit or register online by clicking here.  Note that registering for a Shadow Visit online does not guarantee the date is available. Please allow one-week advance notice to schedule online visits.  For visits less than a week, please call the number below.


Information for Queen of Peace Students

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The Trinity family is saddened by the closing of our Sinsinawa Dominican sister school Queen of Peace. Trinity is committed to making the transition for these young women as seamless as possible.  We are devoted to our shared Dominican values of empowering young women to be leaders who embody knowledge, strength, and faith and welcome young women to visit Trinity as an option for their high school years.  Please contact us at 708.453.8342 for more information. 


Interested in becoming a Blazer?

Call Mary Tansey at 708-453-8342 to find out how you can Be A Blazer!