Library Policies


Monday through Wednesday                   7:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Thursday, Friday                                           7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

These times may vary on occasion because of early dismissals or meetings. Changes in library hours will be posted in advance on the door to the library.  There will be times when library use will be restricted because of class use or other occasions. Announcements will be made when that occurs.


laptop usersThe library is available for use throughout the day for research, quiet study, photocopying, computer usage as well as to check out and return library materials.  

During class periods students are asked to bring a library pass from their teacher.  Sign in at the reference desk on the forms provided.  Sign out on the same sheet before returning to class.  Please note that there will be times when the library will be closed to visitors because of a class or overcrowding.

During 3A and 3B students sign in at the reference desk  to use computers, study in the silent area by the clock or in the group study area by the bookshelves.  At the librarians’ discretion, one table may be reserved before 8:00 AM for period 3A/B for test prep or group projects that day.

Copy cards may be purchased at the circulation desk.  Cards cost $1.00 and make 10 copies.  They do not expire and can’t be recharged.

Reserve material is kept behind the circulation desk.  It must be read in the library or photocopied for home use.


Please help keep the library a pleasant place for all by following these rules:

  • Food, drinks, water, gum or candy are not allowed in the library.
    Help keep the library neat by returning materials to shelves, carts or librarians
  • Push in chairs—don’t rearrange furniture.
  • Be considerate of other patrons—keep your voice low.
  • Return materials promptly—others may be waiting for the same item.
Ask for help—that’s why we are here!